Sunex Tools Review: Are Sunex Tools Any Good?

Sunex Tools Review: Are Sunex Tools Any Good?Having access to a great toolset is essential for any mechanical or automotive work, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned technician or have just started. Speaking about great toolset, Sunex Tools might just interest you. With a growing customer base, it’s among the well-known brands that come to mind when it comes to providing quality tools.  If you’d like to know more about this tool brand, you’ll want to continue reading till the end of this Sunex Tools Review.

In this article, we’ll cover every key detail about this incredible brand, from its history, where it’s made, and the different tool range it offers. We’ll also review five of the best Sunex tools and tell you if you should be investing in this brand.

Sunex Tools Review

Sunex is a well-known brand in the automotive and mechanical industry. Since its inception, the brand has been serving the needs of both industrial users and seasoned automotive technicians alike. One key driving factor for its ever-increasing customer base is that it blends innovative features without the high price tag.

Who Makes Sunex Tools?

Sunex Tools has been around for quite a long time now and since its establishment, the brand has made a name for itself by manufacturing top-grade tools for a price that’s accessible for almost anyone. Being a family-owned brand, Sunex Tools puts immense pride in their ergonomic and superior materials that contribute greatly to how their products perform.

Sunset Tools was founded in 1977, with impact sockets as the original tools the company focused on manufacturing. Fast forward 43 years and their Nut Setters and Impact Sockets still provide the same incredible performance and quality with innovative features.

Where Are Sunex Tools Made?

Sunex Tools manufacture most of their products in Taiwan. This enables them to be comparatively cheaper than some similar products without any comprises of the construction. That said, the company still manufactures shop presses in the USA.

Tool Range

Since its inception, Sunex Tools has been able to build its name for offering high-quality impact sockets. However, the company has gone through a lot of changes over the years. For over forty years, Sunex Tools has been manufacturing innovative tools that have not only been serving the automotive aftermarket but also the commercial and industrial segments as well.

And, over the years, their product line has been expanding based on their customers’ needs. Today, you’ll find that the company offers a complete range of hand tools, aftermarket tools, air tools, and tool storage options.

Sunex Tools also offer automotive specialty items such as hydraulic presses and lifting equipment. Additionally, you can find different tool types and styles, which include:

Air Tools:

  • Spray Guns.
  • Specialty Tools.
  • Saws/Cutoff Tools.
  • Sanders/Polishers.
  • Riveters.
  • Ratchets.
  • Impact Wrenches.
  • Hammers/Needle Scalers.
  • Grinders.
  • Drive Tools.
  • Drills.
  • Accessories.

Hand Tools:

  • Chrome Hand Tools.
  • Open Stock Wrenches.
  • Pliers.
  • Picks/Scrapes/Hooks.
  • Pry Bars.
  • Torque & Measuring Tools.
  • Screwdrivers.
  • Wrenches.
  • Drive Tools.

Lifting Equipment:

  • Transmission Jacks.
  • Trailer Support Stands.
  • Truck Jacks/Portable Air Lift Jacks.
  • Truck Equipment.
  • Hydraulic Power Kits.
  • Jack Stands.
  • Floor Service Jacks.
  • Engine Stands.
  • Engine Support/ Engine Crane Tool.
  • Bottle Jacks.
  • Drills.
  • Motorcycle/ATV Lift.
  • Transmission Jacks.
  • Adapters.

Shop Equipment:

  • Shop Seats.
  • Magnetic Parts Trays.
  • Service Carts & Accessories.
  • Pullers.
  • Presses & Accessories.
  • Creepers.
  • Drill Presses & Bench Tools.

Featuring a complete line up of about 2500 individual sockets and sets, Sunex is among the best manufacturers of tools. Thanks to Sunex Tools’ extensive range of lifting equipment, stands, transmission jacks, etc, you can now handle all your heavy work with ease.

With low profile design & quick lift technology, their line of jacks can fit almost all applications. For the professional quality and strength you need, Sunex offers it all at an ultimate value; from creepers to seats, tool carts to service carts, and even American-made presses. When it comes to shop equipment, Sunex Tools has you covered with an extensive line at value prices.

Sunex Tool Quality: Are Sunex Tools Any Good?

As a company that has been around for such a long time, you can’t expect it to be bad. For over forty years, Sunex has been supporting professional technicians with outstanding tools at an unmatched value. While it initially started as a lifting supplier, now it has a present line of sockets, air tools, shop equipment, and hand tools. Sunex offers dependable tools with great warranties.

Whether you’re drilling, grinding, sanding, hammering, spraying, or driving, Sunex Tools performs exceptionally well. Well-known for making premium quality impact sockets, Sunex Tools offers great tools at an unmatched value.

This Sunex Tools review shows that the company is dedicated to bringing the professional technician all by hand and specialty tools required in the shop. From automotive to light industrial application, Sunex offers guaranteed professional-grade tools along with their Sunex lifetime warranty. Word-class design, build with the professional technician in mind, Sunex tools are quality-built and guaranteed to perform.

Consumer Reviews

Since our review of Sunex Tools won’t be complete without discussing customer feedback, our Sunex Tools review team has scorched through various forums to find out what its customers felt about the tools and the brand as a whole.

Customer reviews can provide you with a clear understanding of how a product performs in real life. This is because the people who have already purchased the products will have the first-hand experience on its performance and will be aware of where it triumphs and where it falls short.

Consequently, we found several customer feedback that spoke volumes about the tools’ overall quality, performance, and brand value. By going through several forums and comparing customer reviews on Sunex, we were able to determine the following benefits that most consumers commonly shared:

  • Value for money: As a brand that offers outstanding tools without the hefty price tag, most buyers consider Sunex tools a great value for money. Moreover, product quality can even exceed some higher-end tools.
  • Durability: As a company that puts immense pride and trust in their product, Sunex focuses on manufacturing only quality tools that will serve its consumers for a long time. And they were certainly successful in doing so. In most of the customer reviews we have seen, we found that they were quite happy about their purchase, praising the tools’ built-quality.

Such kind of positive reviews is certainly expected from a brand that has been serving the automotive industry for over forty years. Most of the reviews also include praises about the tool cases that came along with specific tools for its convenience.

That said, we did find certain complaints regarding tools, however, they were just minute concerns like the sockets not staying in one place inside the storage case or the loosening of the handle.

Top 5 Sunex Tools Review

1. Sunex Impact Sockets Review

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First, on our comprehensive Sunex Tools review is the Sunex Impact Sockets that features 80 pieces. If you’re looking for a high-quality tool kit with wide applications, then this might be your answer. This impact set sports a sturdy construction and has various application purposes, making it a dream toolset for every professional.

As for design, all units boast a CR-MO steel construction, which makes it sturdy and flexible enough to withstand high-torque impacts. Unlike traditional sockets where wall to corner contact leads to quicker wear, the Sunex tools with its radius corner design can increase force while minimizing wear by distributing the torque along the walls.

Thanks to its chamfered openings that boosts efficiency by aligning quickly with the socket, this impact socket set performs incredibly well. Also, since they’re permanently marked and laser-etched, identifying the sockets is much easier. Its universal joint fits every socket for application in swivel purposes. As it packs an extensive array of extensions, you have access to all fasteners.

The sockets have been tested rigorously to ensure that it offers exceptional performance and durability. Moreover, this set features a lifetime warranty, which to us, is a great value for the price you pay. It should alleviate any concern you might have regarding the purchase as they’ll cover against any defect the sockets might have. Additionally, you also get a sturdy storage case for ease of storage and maneuver.

All units in this set are excellent for they’re well-made and boast a great feel and finish. Plus, the storage case is a bonus as it allows easy access and helps in keeping the units organized.

2. Sunex Wrench Review

Sunex 9915 V-Groove Fractional Full Polish Combination Wrench Set, 3/8-Inch - 1-1/4-Inch, Fully Polished, 14-Piece (Includes Roll-Case)

Key Features:

  • A fully polished wrench set prevents grease or oil build-up.
  • V-Groove design for a great grip.
  • Made of top-grade steel, making it a sturdy set.
  • Includes a canvas pouch for ease of transportation and storage.

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Whether it’s for quick DIY fixes or fixing a flat tire, you need the best set of wrenches. Whatever your reason, this wrench set by Sunex will help you in tackling almost any problem.

With innovative design and sturdy construction, this set will serve you for an extended period. The set includes 14 pieces of different sizes. The units feature a V-Groove design, which makes it anti-slip and consequently, ensures a proper grip. It also helps in preventing any wear or tear of the fastener.

Moreover, you no longer have to worry about the set’s sturdiness. All units are made of Chrome Vanadium steel, which offers high levels of comfort and strength. Sporting a design that’s a class apart from any other option out there, these wrenches are guaranteed to perform exceptionally.

The wrenches with its chamfered box end allow easy and quick guidance onto fasteners, making your work a lot more efficient. Also, the box end features a 15° offset, which offers plenty of room for your fingers as well as other obstructions around the fastener.

To eliminate grease and oil from building up, each wrench has been fully polished. Also, the Radius Corners help prevent round-off as it allows you to grip the fastener’s head flat side rather than the corner.

Finally, the set also sports a sturdy canvas pouch for carrying and storing the units with ease. You also get a lifetime warranty with it so you can purchase the product without any tool-shed worries. This warranty covers any defect the wrenches might have.

3. Sunex Die Grinder Review

Sunex International SX232B 1/4" Angle Air Die Grinder

Key Features:

  • In-built speed regulator for more control.
  • Lock-off throttle offers additional safety.
  • Compact and lightweight design allows easy storage and transportation.
  • 1-year warranty.

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If you’re in search of the best die grinder, you might want to add the Sunex Die Grinder to your list. Die grinders are incredibly powerful tools that serve multiple purposes, be it for polishing, honing, sanding, or grinding.

The Sunex die grinder is among the best options out there because of its durability, reliability, and performance. We do not doubt that claim considering the brand has been in the business for over forty years now.

For woodwork, generally, you require a steady hand along with an accurate grinding or cutting tool. However, with the help of this air die grinder, you’ll have much flexibility to grind wood and brick. This tool’s functionality is quite simple, making it ideal for novices and professionals alike.

Like all its other tools, Sunex air die grinder also features an innovative design and construction, which facilitates a smooth operation. Also, the spindle is placed at a convenient angle, which makes it easy for handling various surfaces and work spots.

The die grinder sports a collet size of 1/4” in combination with its 90° angle head which allows you to reach spots that are hard to reach with ease.

The air grinder features a speed regulator followed by its safety throttle lever that ensures positive speed control. As it houses a sturdy construction, this tool will allow you to perform difficult operations. Additionally, its compact and lightweight ergonomic design facilitates easy storage and maneuverability.

It has a max free speed of 20,000 RPM, which is enough power you’ll need for buffing metal or wood without the fear of damaging the tool. Another great feature of this tool is its ball-bearing construction that ensures long tool life. Finally, you also get a warranty for a year.

4. Sunex 7793B Review

Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack

Key Features:

  • Excellent ergonomics allow you to handle the tool with ease.
  • Made of heavy-duty materials, making it a sturdy tool.
  • Adjustable height between 35.5 - 75.5 inches.
  • Chain tie-downs allows you to secure the transmission safely.
  • Universal saddle for quick adjustment to your car’s transmission pan configuration.

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If you’re someone that works on your truck or car a lot, it’s essential to have a proper tool. Especially if you need to transport, install or remove your car’s transmission, a transmission jack is critical. That being said, you need to ensure that you’re getting a tool that’s not just reliable but is also durable. We bring you the Sunex 7793b, which is one of Sunex’s best transmission jack from their line of lifting equipment.

This transmission jack by Sunex comes with chain tie-downs that help in securing the transmission safely. It also features a handle that lets you move and position the jack with ease. You can also raise and lower the transmission hands-free, thanks to its oversized foot paddle.

The jack houses wide base legs featuring swivel caster and polyurethane tread wheels that ensure easy maneuverability and stability even under load. You can also adjust the height between 35.5” to 75.5” max.

The Sunex transmission jack with its sturdy ergonomics and innovative design will enable you to install, remove, and transport your car’s transmission and also transfer cases on cars supported by lifts efficiently.

Its universal saddle with 4 ratcheting arms allows you to quickly adjust to your vehicle’s transmission pan configuration. This transmission jack has received numerous positive feedback for its sturdy build, ease of use, and for being an overall great value for money product. And like most of their products, the Sunex transmission jack also includes a 1-year warranty.

5. Sunex SX243 Review

Sunex SX243 Hd 250-Mm Long Barrel Air Hammer

Key Features:

  • Low noise levels (110 decibels).
  • The non-slip grip offers optimum user comfort.
  • Sturdy construction ensures incredible durability.
  • Chisel retainer enables you to change drill bits quickly and with ease.
  • One-year warranty.

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If you’ve been looking for a top-notch air hammer, then the Sunex SX243 is worth considering. Made with sturdy construction and innovative ergonomics, this long air hammer delivers unmatched performance.

The Sunex SX243 can allow you to cut, chip, or punch into metal or stone efficiently. It sports a long barrel that allows it to deliver about 2200 blows a minute with less pneumatic stress. This also helps in maximizing the efficiency of completing the tasks quickly.

Build for heavy-duty tasks, this tool features a 3/4” bore diameter in addition to a 3 3/4” piston stroke length. Thanks to its long barrel, this air-powered hammer offers vigorous cutting action with low noise levels. It also features a chisel retainer that lets you change the drill bits quickly and with ease.

Sporting a resilient and sturdy aluminum housing, the Sunex SX243 not only guarantees long-lasting durability but is also easy to store and maneuver thanks to its lightweight construction.

Additionally, it integrates a nonslip rubber grip that helps in minimizing hand exertion and thereby, offers optimum user comfort. It also includes a warranty for 1-year, which will cover any defect you may encounter in the tool.

With high-quality features and exceptional performance, the Sunex sx343 will surely be one of those purchases you won’t regret.

Is Sunex a Good Brand?

In short, yes, Sunex is a good brand. Sunex tools have managed to amass widespread popularity and trust with their outstanding design, top-grade built quality, and excellent durability. To top it off, they also offer a lifetime warranty for most of their products.

Sunex Tools offers almost every tool you’ll ever need in your toolkit. Hopefully, through this comprehensive Sunex Tools review, you’ll have a better understanding of the brand’s value and which of the tools are worth investing in.


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