Rockwell Tools Review: Is Rockwell a Good Brand?

Rockwell Tools Review: Is Rockwell a Good Brand?Rockwell Tools as a brand name pops up often in the power tools market. But is the brand a reliable choice for tool enthusiasts? Today, we will discuss the brand right from its birth to some of its top-selling models in this Rockwell Tools Review.

Rockwell Tools Review

Rockwell Tools is a brand that manufactures power tools along with hand tools. The company offers a variety of tools for various working fields like automotive repair, woodworking, construction as well as home renovation and DIY projects for interested individuals.

Who Makes Rockwell Tools?

Currently, the Rockwell tools are made, owned, as well as distributed by Positec Tool Corporation. Given that it’s a china-based company, Rockwell Tools has its roots in China and was founded over 25 years ago in 1994. In its primary years, the company used to sell OEM tools to several brands before branching out its very own power tool line.

Rockwell tools were launched in 2005 and in its initial stages, the tools were sold via infomercials. Eventually, it became a top contender for power tool suppliers with increased sales. And today, the Rockwell Tools brand is also associated with several big players in the automation and racing world.

Where Are Rockwell Tools Made?

Rockwell tools are manufactured within china in a top facility that covers all the phases of tool production, starting from castings, paintings to the final assembly as well as packaging. The tools are then shipped overseas for distribution.

With its headquarter located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the tools are distributed to various retailers in the states. This includes well-known retailers such as Home Depot, Costco, and more. But the tools are not limited to retailers alone and are sold online on various shopping platforms like Amazon.

Tool Range Provided By Rockwell Tools

Over a decade later, the Rockwell brand remains consistent with its tool production, offering working professionals and homeowners with an impressive range of tools to choose from. The brand is known for providing power tools (corded & cordless) along with hand tools.

Here is a list of some of their popular tools:

  • Circular saws.
  • Miter saws.
  • Reciprocating saws.
  • Jigsaws.
  • Drills (corded and cordless).
  • Angle grinders.
  • Bench grinders.
  • Sanders.
  • Plunge router.
  • Power planner.

Apart from these, Rockwell also offers material support station and specialty tools such as the SoniCrafter™ which is an oscillating multi-tool equipped with a variety of attachments meant for DIY and remodeling projects.

The brand is also accompanied by a second line called Rockwell’s ShopSeries™ that includes cordless, handheld, and benchtop power tools for budget-minded woodworkers. This helps to extend the range of Rockwell as promised in its early years.

Rockwell Tools Quality: Are Rockwell Tools Any Good?

The Rockwell brand is known for providing a combination of tools that entertain all kinds of audiences. This means the tools are impressively versatile and adaptable, not just in performance but in quality as well.

As such, the tools are met with a perfect combination of industrial durability along with precision in terms of speed and control. As a majority of the tools are handheld, it is equipped with an ergonomically balanced design to ensure you get a comfortable grip.

There’s also the one battery platform in Rockwell Lithiumtech range. What makes this feature great is that it offers quick swapping between tools, making it easier to work with various tools without minimizing productivity. The oscillating multi-tools also have a stable speed that cuts faster and pushes harder.

Rest assured, Rockwell Tools are certainly not half-baked – in the sense, it promises great product quality and provides consistent performance while also adapting to various working environments. Also, all the Rockwell Tools come with a warranty.

Consumer Reviews

A great portion of brand identity is carved from consumer reviews and opinions. This makes it a valuable factor for reviewing any brand. In the case of Rockwell Tools, it certainly paints a clear picture of whether the name Rockwell is reliable and worth the investment or not.

For a more in-depth look, let’s begin with the positive features as collectively raved by users and customers:

  • Price: A lot of consumers agree on price playing a huge factor in their purchase. While power tools can still be a little pricey, Rockwell is significantly considered cheaper. But despite being cheaper, users are often left satisfied and happy with the results. Thus, making it a worthy investment in the end as they get value for the money spent.
  • Ease of use: A lot of Rockwell Tools review left by consumers include praises for this particular function. While it doesn’t take a genius to work out a power tool, the easy operation and adjustment offered by Rockwell are greatly appreciated, particularly among first-time users.
  • Tool accessories: Yes, we know the cheap price is a great attraction but another instance for customer satisfaction is the accessories that come with Rockwell tools. The general reaction is particularly focused on the carry case and extra set of blades for the tools. This is often seen as a bonus for several consumers.

While Rockwell tools generally receive positive responses, it also gathers some not so impressive response from certain consumers related to loose screws, lack of instructions, or poor customer service.

This is nothing major and does not affect the actual function of the product. In terms of lifespan, it generally varies with different consumers as the product is used according to their needs. Hence, we can conclude, it doesn’t have an impressively long lifespan but can last a few good years if used properly.

Top 5 Rockwell Tools Review

1. Rockwell Versacut Review

Rockwell Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw with...

Key Features:

  • Slim and ergonomic design provides better accuracy for making cuts in tight spaces.
  • Multi-functional saw that cuts various materials with ease.
  • Streamlined design feature for easy and quick one-hand operation.

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The VersaCut circular saw from Rockwell is a compact and powerful tool item that cuts all kinds of materials including plastic, wood, ceramic tile, aluminum, and more. Visually, it has a streamlined design.

The design helps to reinforce one-handed operations while its lightweight composure further increases efficiency and comfort. This powerful tool carries a speed of 3,500 rpm which is enough to handle various tasks with ease.

Despite its lightweight design, the VersaCut has the same power found in other heavy circular saws. Combine that with the laser guide technology and the results look rather professional. Plus the compact tool size will help you with more accurate cutting, especially in case of tight spaces.

Performance-wise, this neat multifunctional tool can make rip cuts, plunge cuts, and easily cut through thicker materials of over 1-inch. During work mode, it remains sturdy, thanks to its all-metal guard (inner and outer) design. While the ergonomic slim design with its rear-motor construction helps decrease hand fatigue and maintain precise control.

The VersaCut comes with several other features such as a lock-off switch to prevent accidental starting, dust extraction adapter for maximized visibility, and a depth adjustment lever. Additionally, you get a 24T carbide, a diamond grit, and a 44T HSS blade for cutting different types of materials.

2. Rockwell Bladerunner x2 Review

Rockwell RK7323 BladeRunner X2 Portable Tabletop Saw with...

Key Features:

  • Tabletop handle provides portability.
  • Instant blade change without tools ensures faster cutting from one material to another.
  • Supports a variety of cuts with an easy set-up.

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The Rockwell BladeRunner X2 is an upgraded version of the original Bladerunner and it is here to cut but with better control and capacity. With this version, we get the inclusion of tabletop handle design for portability, larger rip fence, and the hold-down and splitter for cutting wider material.

It is versatile, convenient, and comes with an easy set-up process to cut aluminum, metal, plastic, ceramic tile, and wood. The blades used in the Bladerunner 2X is the standard t-shank jigsaw, followed by an instant blade change system that allows faster and easier cutting between different materials.

Speaking of cutting, the Bladerunner frees up both the hands to facilitate precise control. This way you can cut more accurately without dividing your hand placement between the material and tool. Furthermore, its guard and splitter feature provides you with unlimited capacity to make rip and crosscuts.

Looking at its weight and design, it makes use of a compact and lightweight composure with an in-built handle. This allows for easy transportation and plays well with a small working space. Other accessories that complete the Bladerunner X2 are a miter gauge, rip fence, and 5 kinds of blade for cutting aluminum, wood, metal, and ceramic tile.

Finally, it features an in-built vacuum port for easy clean-up and a separate compartment for holding the blades. The Bladerunner X2 will make the cut if you want a powerful cutting tool to accompany your work and projects.

3. Rockwell JawHorse Review

Rockwell JawHorse Portable Material Support Station –...

Key Features:

  • Easy set-up and transportation supported by foldable legs with an in-built roller system.
  • All steel construction for durability and stability.
  • Ideal for all kinds of material sizes along with 600 pounds of maximum load capacity.

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This JawHorse material support from Rockwell is a conveniently built portable workstation that can hold, clamp, and support work materials to provide a hands-free operation while working on professional or DIY projects.

With up to 600 pounds of load capacity and 2,200-pound clamping force (via a foot pedal lever), you can easily install crown materials, hangings doors, setting fence posts, and more heavy-duty stuff without the need for an extra hand.

As a multi-functioning unit, the JawHorse accommodates all kinds and sizes of materials, supported by the 37-inch clamping range. This means you can use small, medium, and even oddly shaped sizes however you please. Meanwhile, the clamp lumber supports sawing, sanding, cutting, and more.

The JawHorse comes with the tripod base meant for increased stability but that’s not all. By combining convenience with versatility, it gets rid of the need for other items like workbenches, clamps, and more in your workshop. Despite having a 43-pound all-steel construction, the foldable legs help function the unit as a trolley, making it easy to store and transport.

To avoid material damage, the jaws are ensured with a specialized rubber construction. This also makes it durable and aids in consistent clamping pressure between heavy-duty and delicate materials. With the JawHorse material support, you can easily complete two or three-person operations all on your own.

4. Rockwell F80 Review

Rockwell RK5151K 4.2 Amp Sonicrafter F80 Oscillating...

Key Features:

  • Sonicrafter universal fit supports blades from other manufacturers.
  • Performs a variety of functions with a massive 35 lbs of force.
  • 2-in-1 power function with two kinds of angle selection.

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The F80 is Rockwell’s very own Duotech Oscillation Sonicrafter – a multi-tool that offers users to choose between two oscillating angles of 5.0 o and 3.4 o. The former angle is used for projects that require fast and aggressive cuts while the latter is recommended for navigating precise and continuous control.

The tool itself is impressively versatile and adapts to quick hand movements without losing grip, even at high speed. Moreover, the 5.0 o angle can specifically entertain works like cross-cutting, plunge cuts in wood, trim doorjambs, cutting PVC, and more. If you want to perform metal cuts or clip nail heads, the 3.4 o angle is considered the best.

You can also make use of rigid scraper blades with the F80 particularly if you’re working on home renovations as it removes blistered paints, hardened caulk, and adhesives with ease. What’s great about this neat tool is that the F80 is equipped with a universal fit system. This means the tool is not limited to Rockwell manufactured blades alone.

Now let’s talk about the power under the hood. The F80 consists of a powerful 4.2 amp motor with a viable speed dial. This offers a precise power to control 10,000 – 19,000 oscillations under a minute.

With 35 lbs of force, you can cut, grind, sand, and remove grout without stalling your blades. Additionally, it comes with a toolbox with several components like 6 different blades, a sanding pad, and sheets to get projects moving without interruptions.

5. Rockwell F50 Review

Rockwell RK5142K 4.0 Amp Sonicrafter F50 Oscillating...

Key Features:

  • Low vibration counterweight ensures users with smooth cutting experience.
  • Hyperlock blade design prevents blade slippage.
  • 5-degree oscillation ensures in-class cutting ability.

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The last one on the list is the Rockwell F50 sonicrafter. A cutting edge oscillating multi-tool that delivers precise and smooth performance without easily exhausting. With a delivery range of 5-degree oscillation, the cutting ability of F80 can handle a lot of tasks.

The F50 not only provides a comfortable grip but also provides a hyper lock to keep the blades from slipping out. Though a compact-sized tool, it can provide up to 1 ton of clamping force to support all kinds of heavy-duty activity. It is equipped with a tool-free blade change for quick and efficient functioning.

As a tool that requires speed but also precision, the F50 maintains balanced cutting speed under a heavy load. It also offers a wide swing with a combination of lightweight comfort and sturdy construction, making it easy to use and adjust.

The F50 variable speed dial (11,000 – 20,000 oscillations per minute) allows you to set the required speed and utilize both hands via the on/off switch. This helps in getting quicker and more efficient results as you can customize the tool according to your project needs and preferences.

It features a low-vibration counterweight to facilitate a smoother cut. Additionally, the Rockwell universal fit system enables more flexibility in terms of blade compatibility as you can use blades from other manufacturers. Finally, the F50 set comes prepped with a 33-piece kit with a variety of sanding adjustments and blades.

Is Rockwell a Good Brand?

As we have seen from the Rockwell tools review left by consumers, the brand hits the right spot, especially among home users by relaxing the price. But despite being a low-cost brand, Rockwell tools come nowhere close to cheap in quality.

Over the decade, the brand has visibly grown and improved in the mechanical world of power tools. What makes it a reliable brand is its ability to deliver authentically without over-selling the features of a product.

Inclusivity is an important factor for any brand and Rockwell as a tool brand manages to reach a wider audience by successfully catering to the needs of professional and budgeted consumers present within the field of craftsmanship. All without putting a dent on quality for the price it charges.

Although improvements can be made in certain areas, Rockwell Tools has a promising future ahead as long as it keeps up with consistent and productive tool innovation as it does today. So, if you’re eyeing for a Rockwell tool, go ahead and make the purchase.

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