How to Reuse Old Plastic Cordless Tool Cases

How to Reuse Old Plastic Cordless Tool CasesReusing and repurposing old products is a huge step up for sustainable living especially when the product in concern is made out of plastic. And old plastic tool cases are no exception in this case. This article will focus on how to reuse old plastic cordless tool cases for extra convenience in and out of the house.

Before we get on with the DIY bit, here are some reasons why you should consider repurposing old plastic items.

What is Reusing/Repurposing?

Making use of products instead of throwing away is basically what it means to reuse and repurpose. It can be as little as reusing a single-use plastic cup into a pen holder. This highly encourages waste management directly and indirectly.

While reusing is more of a simpler step, repurposing is often seen as an upcycling method. One can say repurposing means reusing old products and transforming them into another level.

Benefits of Reusing or Repurposing Old Items

These are some of the advantages you get with reusing and repurposing:

  • Energy consumption: Repurposing products use little to no energy. This further impacts greatly on energy conservation which in turn saves you a ton of money.
  • Encourages innovative use: As you deal with reusing products, you begin to get more creative and playful with new ideas, leading to innovatively using old stuff.
  • Durable usage: Plastic tool cases are likely to get thrown away after their tools become invalid. But thankfully, the cases are sturdy and durable which opens up several ways for it to be reused as productive items for a long time.
  • Reduces landfill space: Plastics take up ages to break down and occupy a huge land space. By putting your old plastic items to use instead of shooting it into the bin, you get to minimize this problem.
  • Saves natural resources: Constant demand for new products leads to the exhaustion of natural resources. By factoring in old items and upgrading its uses, it helps cut down this problem and in turn, protects natural resources.

7 Ways on How to Reuse Old Plastic Cordless Tool Cases

1. Storage Case for Tool Accessories

It is no surprise that mechanical tools come with a lot of accessories. Instead of spending extra bucks on buying a storage box, you can make one on your own. That is if you have extra tool cases laying around. Just make sure you cut out the inner shell before you begin.

Given the size of tool cases, it can easily hold bungee straps, ratchet straps, ropes, gloves, and even some extra nuts and bolts. You can attach Velcro straps inside the case if you want it to hold the items more neatly.

2. Battery Station

Having an extra set of battery stations sure sounds useful and what can be better than reusing and making your plastic tool case into one. Though, you will need a couple of additional items like solar cells, charge controller, and batteries, or a small inverter.

This battery station may not be a big one but it can charge daily tech essentials like your phone or laptop. As dealing with any electrical parts can be dangerous, make sure you take all the necessary safety measures.

3. Storage Box Shelf

This one requires lots of effort and a few plastic cases on standby. For this project, you will need some extra plywood to support the shelf structure while the cases will act as a storage unit for your tools or any other essentials.

The storage shelf may not look that appealing in your living room but you can always use it in your garage or the toolshed. This will help provide sufficient storage for tool organization without taking up much room space.

4. Emergency Tool Kit

Tool cases are of course meant to hold tools so bringing back this originality with a few customizations will not hurt. If you have an empty tool case, you can use it as an emergency tool kit for your car.

Since it’s an emergency kit, you can get started with some of the mini essentials like duct tape, tow strap, jumper cables, a knife, a flashlight, and many more. You can add in a few cardboard or thin wooden compartment inside the case if you want it to be more organized.

5. Art Supply Organizer

Making an art supply organizer may not sound as exciting to some. But for those with children in the house, it certainly will. This organizer will help keep track of those countless crayons and craft materials.

This project is quite inexpensive and requires less material. Apart from cutting out the inner shell of the case, there’s only the cost of attaching a few hard cardboard grids. Plus you get to arrange the grid according to how you want the organizer to be.

6. Cutting Boards

Now, this may seem a little unusual but it certainly works out well particularly if you have broken cases. As most plastic cases are hard and durable, it makes the perfect opponent for a knife.

But it also requires a ton of effort as you have to cut and smooth out the case to make it suitable for a kitchen. You can also melt the plastic case if you have a particular design in mind. Just make sure you do your research on plastic melting and compression. Otherwise, you are good to go.

7. Customized Carry Case

The last project on how to reuse old plastic cordless tool cases is making a customized carry case for any utensils or tools you want. It can be a set of knives or even grilling toolset for outdoor camping trips.

Once you take out the molded casing inside, you get a very deep and spacious double-sided case. You can fill in the space with a foam padding to specifically insert and organize the utensil or toolset of your choice.

Final Remark

Reusing and repurposing old products offer a fresh perspective on saving and sustainability. But you need to understand that not all plastic tool cases can be used in this manner. For instance, broken cases can lead to harm if you are not aware of their proper use.

Hence, you need to figure out its capacity and compatibility before you begin any DIY projects. You can always look up on the internet on how to reuse old plastic cordless tool cases for similar project styles and correspond with it. This will help push your creativity and skill.

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