Gearwrench Tools Review: Are Gearwrench Tools Any Good?

Gearwrench Tools Review: Are Gearwrench Tools Any Good?The automotive and mechanical industry has grown rapidly over the years. Hence, the need for a good toolset arises to match this growth. Starting with the brand, Gearwrench might not be a bad idea as it has a huge tool portfolio to attract various consumers. If you are interested, you can continue reading up on this Gearwrench tools review.

This article will dive into the history that made the brand into what it is today. We will also review five of its best hand tools and whether the brand is worth the investment.

Gearwrench Review

Gearwrench is a premier tool brand that offers quality mechanic tools. It serves the requirements of professional automotive technicians and industrial users. After its launch, the brand has subsequently become synonymous with products like sockets, ratchets, wrenches, and specialty hand tools.

Who Makes Gearwrench?

Initially founded in Taiwan, this is a brand that has led the tool industry ever since the launch of its patented 5-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996. Soon after, Gearwrench gained praise for quality production after it sold over 100 million wrenches by 2002, launching it into the brand it is today.

Though Gearwrench is an independent brand, in its entirety it is an apex-owned company. This means the parent company is Apex Tool Group, known to be a top contender among hand tool manufacturers around the globe.

This is another instance of why Gearwrench is undoubtedly considered a reputable brand in terms of hand tools. Compared to its expensive competitors, the brand decisively supports consumers that are on a budget.

Where Are Gearwrench Tools Made?

For manufacturing, Gearwrench hand tools mainly started from the Apex factory located in Taiwan and China. Normally, the ratcheting wrench sets came from Taiwan while the long pattern wrench came from China.

Currently, there are over 20 plants spread across Europe, Australia, North, South America, and Asia that manufactures Gearwrench products. The products are then shipped to different facilities around the world for production.

Tools Offered By Gearwrench

There are a lot of pointers on why Gearwrench is favored among automotive and industrial tool users. But, perhaps having over a massive collection of 4800 tools may be one of the prime reasons why this brand is liked by professionals and rookies.

Gearwrench offers over 20 varieties of wrench styles and that’s for ratcheting wrenches alone. You also get a range of different tool styles and types for other hand tools, this includes:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers and nut drivers
  • Cutting tools
  • Pry bars
  • Sockets
  • Impact sockets
  • Pullers
  • Ratchets and drive tools
  • Hammers
  • Toolsets
  • Torque products
  • Wrenches

It offers a versatile tool profile with range to meet the demands of modern consumers in the mechanical field. This provides an opening for consumers to experiment with different styles and types.

One can easily get an idea of what works on and off-road especially if you are new in the tool department.

Gearwrench Quality: Are Gearwrench Tools Any Good?

In recent years, Gearwrench has immensely improved its product quality while also making it accessible budget-wise. To ensure optimum productivity, the tools are strong and durable while light enough to have it maneuver around your workshop or the house with easy access.

Concerning the physical structure of the tool, it has great dimensions, comfortable gripping and fits well into fasteners. But these hand tools don’t just perform well. They also hit right in the spot in terms of exterior feel with their chrome-plating. This ensures a satisfying user experience for all groups of people.

Also, the tools have quite the speed and strength needed for quick vehicle servicing, making it possible to complete any task faster than usual. Gearwrench has a decent price range which makes the quality of the tools even more attractive.

Overall, Gearwrench is a brand that prioritizes unprecedented access without compromising on safety and reliability. It generally has great quality control with little to no product flaws.

Consumer Reviews

Consumer reviews speak in volume about brand quality and overall performance. Collectively reading and comparing consumer reviews on Gearwrench helps map out where it hits right and where it falls short of.

Key benefits consumers share about:

  • Price – The mid-range pricing balance of Gearwrench tools sits well with a lot of buyers. Particularly as consumers find them affordable with a lot of value to gain. For the price one pays, the product quality seems to be on par with or even exceeds certain tools.
  • Easy access for DIY – A great portion of consumers often write praises for the easy accessibility of the tools, especially by consumers who are more of a DIY type. This makes Gearwrench compatible with different consumer groups rather than just focusing on professionals.

When you look at the reviews, there are a lot of thumbs up for the durability of the tools. While tools may not last forever, rest assured that Gearwrench tools will last for a good couple of years. Several praises are also led towards the tool case for its reliability and convenience.

Now, there are certain concerning feedbacks on the tools as well. Most of these are complaints of scratches on the surface, a loose handle, or shafts. These are minor problems that a single call to the manufacturer can fix.

In the end, the majority of consumers understand what they are paying for and know what to expect. Even for new consumers, the investment seems palatable enough due to its high yielding performance.

Top 5 Gearwrench Tools Review

1. Teardrop Ratchet Gearwrench 120XP Review

GEARWRENCH 4 Pc. 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drive 120XP™ Flex Head Ratchet Set - 81230P

Key features:

  • The double-stacked ratchet pawls with 60 tooth gear engagement, provides strength and speed.
  • A low head profile with an enclosed design gives better access and fights off the dirt.
  • The polished handle has a long reach to provide better grip and exterior durability. It also makes it easier to wipe off any dirt.

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Every car and automobile enthusiast has a ratchet set tucked somewhere in the car. After all, these tools come in pretty handy. And the Ratchet 120XP set from Gearwrench may just be the toolset you need, if you are looking for an upgrade in the ratchet department.

The set comes in a shiny chrome finish with four different sizings to incorporate any socket while working on your vehicle or even with home appliances. Taking into consideration its alloy steel construction, the tool can certainly hold off for a long time.

The ratchet offers several noticeable features like the 60-tooth double-stacked pawl to provide a 3-degree swing arc. This function helps you regulate fasteners in tight spaces with ease. And for faster work output, the tool gear engages alternately through the double-stacked pawls.

The handles have a long reach, which, combined with the flexible head allows for further access to hard-to-reach fasteners. The head itself has an enclosed design for resisting dirt infiltration. This makes it highly functional even in terrible weather conditions.

It also houses a slim head figure to provide instant adaptability and better access. Additional feature includes an on/off switch, placed on the surface of its head. Overall, the quality finish and slim structure provide a balanced handle and grip without taking away any performance trait.

2. 84 Tooth Flex Head Teardrop Gearwrench Ratchet Review

GEARWRENCH 1/4 Inch, 3/8 Inch & 1/2 Inch Drive 84 Tooth Flex Head Teardrop Ratchet Set, 4 Piece - 81230F

Key features:

  • Alloy steel ratchet with a chrome finish. This makes it highly resistant to oil, corrosion, and solvent.
  • The gear system is equipped with 84 tooth to ensure tighter turns.
  • Flex head feature enables flexible access for the tool to navigate between tight and confined spaces.

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Every working professional in the mechanical field knows the difference a good ratchet can bring into the workforce. To meet this demand, the ratchet set from Gearwrench offers several features to improve function and versatility.

The set comes in four different sizes to entertain a variety of sockets along with a polished chrome finish. The tools are constructed using alloy steel to fight off corrosion and rusting. Additionally, it can resist oil and solvent as well.

For added flexibility, the tool comes equipped with a flex head. Combine this with the comfortable gripping structure, the ratchet enables better access for increased performance. Speaking of structure, the weight and height distribution is balanced enough to make it sturdy and steady on the hands.

Wherever it may be, tight spaces are a common issue while patching up any vehicle. Thankfully, Gearwrench eliminates this situation by introducing a slim profile with the teardrop head design and on/off switch function. This helps navigate the tool with ease in tight and confined spaces.

Despite the slim low profile head, it can pack up impressive strength in terms of its gear system. It is composed of 84 teeth to allow tighter turns; it also supports a 4.3-degree arc swing. To top things off, the set comes with the storage tray for organization. This makes it a much needed portable on-road companion for your car.

3. Deep Impact Metric Gearwrench Socket Set Review

GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2" Drive 6 Pt. Impact Socket Set, Deep, Metric - 84935N

Key features:

  • Made from CR-MO or chrome molybdenum alloy material for durability and strength.
  • Laser-etched markings and labels for increased visibility.
  • The socket has chamfered openings and attachment ports for compatibility with other hand tools.

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Tightening or loosening up bolts would pretty much go down the drain if it were not for impact sockets. This means sockets are very useful and important. And to implement this usage, one needs to have a quality set of sockets. This can be matched by the impact socket set from Gearwrench.

Sockets are available in a variety of sizes and this set provides 29 pieces of ½” drive deep impact sockets. The 6-point socket consists of chamfered openings with an attachable port feature to make it more compatible with other hand tools like traditional ratchets.

It is made using chrome alloy steel (CR-MO) to increase durability and perform exceptionally in terms of strength. The sockets are equipped with off-corner loading tech for reducing fastener rounding after repeated usage. To reduce corrosion, it is coated with black phosphate. And to provide clear visibility, the labels and markings are etched with a laser.

Several of the socket components have a parallel neck down feature. This particular design ensures easy accessibility around restricted fasteners. This is a socket that will sit well with construction workers, industrial, and even automotive technicians.

To extend the tool life, the sockets have corrosion and rust-resistant setting, making it perfect for heavy-duty use. Also, a hard and durable carry case is provided. This increases the convenience for tool organization and portability particularly, for those who are always on the go.

4. 1/2-Inch Drive Electronic Gearwrench Torque Wrench Review

GEARWRENCH 1/2 Drive Electronic Torque Wrench - 85077

Key features:

  • LED light handle signals alert for targeted torque reach, making the tool more precise and efficient.
  • 5 different torque measurement units increase measurement functionality.
  • Electronic torque wrench offers more precision and speed.

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If you don’t want screws and bolts falling off your vehicle, you will be needing a couple of torque wrenches to fasten those in. Whether you are a working professional or not, these are useful. And going with the electronic one from Gearwrench might just increase productivity.

This electronic torque wrench features an internal mechanism of 72 tooth ratchet and supports a 5-degree arc swing. The arc enables users to turn fasteners around in confined spaces and it has a 1/2” drive. For a strong and comfortable grip, the handle and housing are made solvent and oil resistant.

The handle has a solid LED light feature that sends alerts when you have reached the targeted torque. For measuring purposes, the torque wrench supports 5 different torque measurement unit to provide a readout in Nm, In-lb, kgf-cm, kgf-m, and ft-lb. It’s light in weight, making it accessible and easy on the hands.

Apart from the handles, the head and drive sit intact with an alloy steel construction and chrome finish. In terms of torque accuracy, it maintains about +/-2% CW and +/-3% CCW that runs clockwise from 20% to 100% range capability. Given that it is electronic, it runs on 2 double-A batteries. The single torque wrench also comes with a durable hardcover case.

5. 40 Pieces Ratcheting Gearwrench Screwdriver Set Review

GEARWRENCH 40 Pc. Ratcheting Screwdriver Set - 8940

Key features:

  • The set comes with several interchangeable handles and shafts.
  • Ergonomic handle design prevents hand fatigue and offers a comfortable grip.
  • Deep recessed handles provide increased strength for high-torque applications.

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The last tool on the Gearwrench tools review list is the ratcheting screwdriver set. This is a pretty good option if you want to buy a screwdriver set. Ratcheting screwdrivers are useful and highly recommended if you want to get some work done in the garage.

Since these are available in various shapes, it is a good thing that this set comes with 40 pieces in a polished finish. The set hosts several interchangeable handles and shafts for adapting to fasteners that are hard to reach. This will also help in removing or driving screws in without much effort.

The handles have an ergonomic design for reducing hand fatigue and providing a comfortable grip. For ratcheting, it features non-ratcheting and reverses ratcheting modes to increase the versatile functionality of the tool. Material wise, it is composed of solvent and oil resistant dual material to make it sturdy and long-lasting.

Although ratcheting screwdrivers are quite small in size, it performs a lot of heavy-duty task like high-torque applications. To meet this function, the tool has deep recesses for increased strength. This is supported by the screw drive components made with premium quality steel.

Additionally, the 45 tooth Ratcheting with an 8-degree swing arc further delivers flexibility and strength. Finally, the set is completed with a blow mold carry case for storage and tool organization. With this, you can also easily carry it around whenever you need to.

Is Gearwrench a Good Brand?

When it comes to a brand like Gearwrench, product quality is as good as its price. Even with first time consumers, the tools are satisfying enough for a second buy. Through this Gearwrench tools review, one can say this is a brand that delivers on what it promises without overselling the product.

Several consumer reviews round-up on how Gearwrench may not be the biggest tool brand out there but it’s definitely worth the buy. Particularly, if you want high-performance tools for half the price.

As brands are getting more innovative and adaptable to high automotive demands, we can say with confidence that Gearwrench is one of those brands. By factoring in consumer presence, reviews, and tool productivity, we can see it is as a brand with lots of potential for future development.

The fact that Gearwrench tools click well with both professionals and newcomers is a huge win for the brand’s image as a valuable tool provider. Hence, if you want to give tool sets a try, then you cannot go wrong with Gearwrench tools. They have good quality and affordable pricing.

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