Craftsman Tools Review: Are Craftsman Tools Good?

Craftsman Tools Review: Are Craftsman Tools Good?When you are choosing Craftsman, you are not just buying a tool; you are buying quality and real craftsmanship. Whether you are purchasing your first Craftsman or adding to your current collection, here is our latest Craftsman Tools review to help you get the best bang for your buck!

Craftsman Tools Review

Craftsman has become synonymous with durability, quality, and all-around usefulness. All the products manufactured by this multi-award-winning company are backed by a strong warranty and for a company to be able to provide such a generous warranty shows that it has a lot of confidence in their products.

Who Makes Craftsman Tools?

Craftsman Tools first made its debut in 1927 under a registered trademark by Sears. Originally a house brand that was established by Sears, it was later sold to Stanley Black and Decker in March 2017.

As with all the Sears products, the products from Craftsman tools were not manufactured by the company although they owned it. Rather, it was manufactured under a contract basis by different companies. After the merger of Sears and Kmart, the tools were sold at Kmart stores and various other retailers.

Following the purchase of the Company by Stanley Black and Decker from Sears Holdings, they kept back a limited share of the license for all the Craftsman products.

Where are Craftsman Tools Made?

Most of the Craftsman tools are not made in the US. The company depends on multiple third-party manufacturers to make their tools. By 2010, most of the hand tools that were manufactured by the Apex Tool Group were assembled in Taiwan and China. Our Craftsman Tools review team has unearthed some companies and places where they manufacture their tools.

Popular Craftsman Tools Made in the US:

  • Adjustable pliers and wrenches (CO, Colorado Springs).
  • Screwdrivers (NC, Murphy).

Popular Craftsman Tools Made Outside of the US:

  • Portable Power Tools (Techtronic Industries, Hong Kong).
  • Air Compressors (DeVilbiss Air Power, China).
  • Tool Boxes & Chests (China & Mexico).

Some more companies that manufacture Craftsman tools:

  • The Chamberlain Brand – garage door openers.
  • Waterloo Industries – tool storage.
  • Emerson Electric Company – bench & stationary tools.
  • Dewalt – hand power tools.

Craftsman is unfortunately not very clear about the origin of all of their products on their website. If you want more information, you can call their customer support.

Range of Tools Available at Craftsman

Craftsman manufactures a wide variety of tools ranging from power tools, outdoor tools & equipment, hand tools, storage & garage, automotive tools, and a whole range of accessories. Their product range is so wide that they cater to hobbyists, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, and many professionals.

Some of their popular tools include:

  • Lawn mowers.
  • Cordless or gas outdoor tools & equipment.
  • Chainsaws.
  • Weed wackers.
  • Generators & portable power.
  • Wrenches & wrench sets.
  • Pliers.
  • Nut drivers.
  • Hammers & demolition tools.
  • Hand saws.
  • Knives & multi-tools.
  • Tools storage.
  • Garage door openers.
  • Workbenches.
  • Batteries & chargers.
  • Power tools accessories.
  • Air tools.
  • Oil filter tools.
  • Automotive specialty tools and more.

Craftsman Tools Quality: Are Craftsman Tools Good?

Most of Craftsman Tools are highly durable and hold up well through the years. They make the kind of tools that gets passed on to the next generation! These tools won’t strip, bend, or break like most brands that are available in the market.

Read our Craftsman Tools review of their 5 leading tools and you will see they are dependable, sturdy, long-lasting, well built, and their warranty can’t be beaten. If you break any of their tools, they will replace it for free. Another great benefit of using Craftsman tools is that the company keeps up with the changing trends in the tool industry. This means you get to enjoy the latest innovations in all your tools.

Customer Reviews

The most reliable source about the performance and quality of a company is its customer feedback. While researching any product, it is imperative to take note of what customers have to say about the product or company.

We understand this is a time-consuming task and so our Craftsman Tools review has come up with a summarized version of the hundreds and thousands of customer reviews that our team has gone through so you won’t have to waste your time doing the same.

  • Price – The prices for Craftsman Tools vary. Their professional tools are on the high end of things. But most of the customer feedback shows they are well worth the price and lasts them for years.
  • Warranty – One big selling factor for Craftsman Tools is its warranty. Irrespective of whether you buy their affordable range or the high-end range, all Craftsman tools are protected by a secure warranty. If you break any of their tools even after 10+ years of use, you still get to walk out their store with a free replacement!
  • User-friendly – It is for a reason that Craftsman Tools are popular among hobbyists and DIYers. They are easy to assemble, and most of their products come ready to use. A lot of their tools also have ergonomic designs for ease of use.
  • Quality – This is a brand that has a well-established reputation for being able to hold up for years. It is sturdy, durable, dependable, and if it doesn’t last, many customers are happy with their free replacement.

Top 5 Craftsman Power Tools Review

1. Craftsman Chainsaw Review: V20 Chainsaw

CRAFTSMAN V20* Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (CMCCS620M1)

Key Features:

  • Extended runtime with 4.0 Ah battery pack.
  • Level and precise cutting with bubble level.
  • Toll-free tensioning with auto oiling for minimal maintenance.
  • Enables cutting in tight spaces with a 12-inch compact design.
  • Comes with charger and battery.
  • Bar CMZCSB12 and chain CMZCSC12 replacement parts available.

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This is your perfect companion for light firewood cutting. Widely popular among hobbyists and people with at-home workshops, this 12-inch wonder is highly maneuverable and is shorter than most 12-inch chainsaws in the market because of the top handle design.

This is even better than some gas-powered chainsaws within the 30cc – 35cc range. It may come with a 20V battery but this chainsaw is powered by a 4Ah battery, making it perform like a 40V chainsaw powered by a 2Ah battery.

This compact cordless chainsaw has a compact design to cut efficiently in small spaces, tool-free tension with auto oiling, and a bubble level to enable precise cuts.

It is also one of the safest 12-inch cordless chainsaws in the market thanks to the low kickback chain and Oregon bar coupled with a chain brake. It is perfect for chores like pruning small fruit trees, light cutting tasks at home, limbing, clearing trails, DIY projects, and more.

It bears a striking resemblance to the 20V cordless chainsaw by DeWalt. This is probably because both brands are owned by the same parent company. But aside from the similarities in design which is just cosmetic, these two are completely different tools. While the DeWalt is made for heavy-duty work, the V20 Craftsman is more for DIYers and homeowners who are looking for a cheaper and user-friendly alternative of the professional version.

Remember, this does not make the Craftsman chainsaw an inferior product. It is just made for a different category of customers who are not professional enough to handle the more complicated tools and are not willing to spend so much on something that they will use only once in a while.

Overall, this cordless chainsaw is easy to get started and maintain. It is a light-weight tool that will considerably reduce fatigue during extended use. You will love that it has an extended runtime thanks to the 4.0 lithium-ion battery so you can work for a long time.

2. Craftsman Jigsaw Review: CMES610 Jigsaw

CRAFTSMAN Jig Saw, 4 Orbital Settings, Up to 3,000 SPM, 5 Amp, Corded (CMES610)

Key Features:

  • Ensures accurate and clean cuts with variable speed trigger that ranges from 0 to 3,000 SPM.
  • 4 different types of orbital settings to modify cut aggressiveness in various applications and materials.
  • Ensures availability and versatility by accepting both U and T blades.
  • Added comfort during prolonged use with an over-molded contoured handle.
  • Matches the versa-track wall organization. Accessories and hook are sold separately.
  • Comes with 3-year warranty protection.

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If you are looking for a tool that Craftsman is nothing but proud of, then look no further than their 5.0 Amp CMES610 Jigsaw. To prove that they are thoroughly confident in their jigsaw, they have slapped a generous 3-year warranty to ensure its buyers that they have nothing to worry about. This jigsaw supports varying speed and has the potential to go as far up as 3000 SPM.

This 5-Amp variable speed provides precision in so many kinds of applications. It comes with 4 different orbital settings that can cut through any material or appliance that you want. It adjusts the cut aggressiveness to achieve the desired result in different types of materials.

You can choose between the U-shank blade and the T-shank blade for more availability and versatility. Additionally, the handle of this jigsaw is molded in such a way that it ensures a high level of comfort and accuracy during prolonged use.

One advantage of this jigsaw by Craftsman is that you can use this for long hours with ease. The molded contoured handle adds to the comfort of your grip as you hold it for prolonged hours. You can also match the versa track wall organization thanks to the accessories and hook (sold separately).

3. Craftsman Air Compressor Reviews: CMEC6150K Air Compressor

Craftsman Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Pancake, Oil-Free with 13 Piece Accessory Kit (CMEC6150K)

Key Features:

  • Maximized stored air and portability with a 6-gallon pancake.
  • Oil-free, durable pump ensures zero-maintenance and long life.
  • 150 maximum PSI enables sufficient cut-in pressure for different applications.
  • Quick recovery time of compressor with 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI.
  • Starts up easily in cold weather.
  • Accessories include Pvc air hose, tire chuck, blow gun, tire gauge, rubber tip, 3 inflator adaptors, and more.
  • 1-year warranty protection.

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One of the best things about buying a Craftsman tool is the accessories. This one especially comes complete with tubes, valves, and cleaning apparatuses so that buyers can make full use of the product. As if these are not enough, it even has an air gun to help you perform tasks immediately after purchase. Overall, it has a 13 piece accessory kit offer.

In its capabilities, this air compressor is on par with its high-end counterparts. In line with the latest trends, this one makes use of an oil-free pump which means it does not need a lot of up-keep. Thanks to the 2x quick coupler outlets, you can easily use it and can simultaneously use two pneumatic tools at once.

It has a reasonable recovery time and has a maximum pressure of 150 Psi. The molded handle and its 30lbs lightweight together makes it a great choice as far as portability goes. This tool is more of a common-sense machine that comes in handy for everyday chores. It has great value for money, especially when you throw in the extra items.

4. Craftsman Weed Eater Reviews: V60 Weedwacker

CRAFTSMAN V60* WEEDWACKER String Trimmer & Edger (CMCST960E1)

Key Features:

  • Longer runtime with 2.5 Ah high-performance battery pack in brushless motor.
  • Ergonomic adjustable pole to adjust according to height.
  • Quickwind spool to easily and quickly replace 0.080” twisted line.
  • Added efficiency with 15” cutting swath.
  • Versatrack compatible with integrated hook to directly hang the tool on Versatrack wall system.
  • 4-year warranty protection.

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If you want the performance of a gas-powered weed wacker but don’t want to deal with the loud noise, than the Craftsman V60 Weed Wacker is just the product for you.

This impressive weed wacker comes with a highly efficient brushless motor that significantly improves the power deliverance from the battery to the cutter. This in turn speeds up the mechanism, making your job a lot more efficient.

The battery is powered by 60v 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery that can operate long enough to complete approximately ¼ acres. Besides the long runtime, it has a fast charger so that you do not have to deal with additional expenses.

This weed wacker from craftsman has a Swatch measuring 15 inches with a dual twist line of 0.080”/0.095”. It also has a 2-speed switch for longer runtime or higher power and a bump feed system. This gives you full control of your power usage and battery, choosing maximum runtime whenever you are in a hurry to finish a task or minimum runtime whenever you need to save the battery.

It features an ergonomic telescoping pole and adjustable auxiliary handle to give you better control. For anyone indecisive about whether to purchase this product, perhaps the 4-year warranty will put your mind at ease.

5. Craftsman Impact Driver Review: V20 Impact Driver

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Impact Driver Kit, 1/4 inch, Battery and Charger Included (CMCF810C1)

Key Features:

  • A tool belonging to the V20 cordless system.
  • Brushless motors ensure improved durability and 30% more runtime.
  • Easily drives larger fasteners with 1,500 in-lbs torque.
  • Quickly releases chuck for all 1-handed changes.
  • Max 3,500 IPMS and 2,800 RPM for fast applications.
  • Increased performance and longer runtime with max V20 20V lithium battery.
  • Charge time of 60 minutes or less with max V20 20V lithium charger.
  • Versatrack wall organization is compatible. Accessories and clips are sold separately.
  • 3-year warranty protection.

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Extracting and driving screws into dense and thick workpieces has never been easy thanks to the V20 Impact Driver from Craftsman. This impact driver comes with a heavy-duty brushless motor, delivering a max of 1,500 in-lbs torque. This piece is both efficient and powerful at the same time, producing a maximum of 2,800 RPM and 3,500 IPM.

It has an impressive and durable housing and a nicely textured handle to give you a secure grip even when working with sweaty hands. You can also get better control of the tool thanks to the variable speed trigger. The package comes complete with a charger, 20V lithium-ion battery, and a soft carry bag.

It’s not every day that you come across a powerful yet small cordless drill. Thanks to Craftsman, many workers’ and hobbyists’ dreams have been fulfilled. This cordless drill is easy to handle and very ergonomic, complete with high torque to perform tasks efficiently, that would otherwise take a long time.

Is Craftsman a Good Brand?

When Sears originally owned the brand, they never manufactured the Craftsman tools. All they had was a quality control lab that wrote down standards and specifications to select OEM (original equipment manufacturers) in order to produce them.

Although Stanley Black and Decker, the new owners, have committed to bringing back all manufacturing to the US, a lot of their products are still made out of the country. That said, it still does not affect the quality of Craftsman Tools.

This brand is highly competitive with other leading brands and is wildly popular among home users especially when it boils down to their lifetime warranty and product support. This Craftsman Tools review clearly shows that Stanley has succeeded at honoring the lifetime warranty of all their products, irrespective of the manufacturer. They also have the distribution and size to back up for the long run.

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